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OP Omni God-Emperor Doom

I like OP protagonists, Sci-fi games, xenophilia ponies that loves Badass Humans, or Alien Heroes/Anti-Heroes.


This is concerning with the recent issue of many authors losing their stories. All because of a silly misunderstanding. · 8:04pm February 16th

I have found and am now sharing a pension from another user. To try to permanently fix this issue by allowing future FIMFiction stories to share other different plots/story from other franchises.




I have come to make announcement regarding one of my gaming sessions for Halloween. · 9:26pm Oct 5th, 2023

First and foremost; F**K Withered FOXY from Fnaf 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw that pirate cheating piece of shit!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

All have I wanted to do, was to play some halloween/horror themed games like the FNaF series, the first two Dead space games ( Not the 3rd one. ), Zombie Army 4, etc.... On my Xbox One/Xbox Game Pass.

And hopefully get some good sales on DLC for the spooky holiday discount eventually coming up soon.

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We got these new anime/manga titles, but still no new crossover stories about them? · 1:24am Jun 16th, 2023

Like, take Record of Ragnarok for example. I'm quite recently very interested into that series. Sure, the Netflix adaptation has mixed reviews.

But the original manga itself is superb!

That will be a cool idea to incorporate it into the Equestria Girls earth, with Sunset, the human mane six to to be potential champions for humanity.

Or even ponyflied it into Equis/Equestria itself.

And then there are other good anime/manga titles like Spy x Family, and so on, so forth.


My 3rd Year Anniversary for this MLP: FiM fandom website. · 8:33pm Apr 14th, 2023

Welp. April the fourteenth of 2020. The day where I officially made a account for this amazing fanfiction website of the MLP: FiM fandom.

Now it's April 2023, and it's the 3rd anniversary of creating my account as OP Omni-God Emperor Doom. ( Referencing for my love of Warhammer 40K and the Doom series. Still am, just now focused on Hitman™ series, Ace Combat/Project Wingman, Gears of War, Halo, Sniper Elite/Zombie Army, and Call of Duty. )

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New commission story idea. Hopefully, it won't be ignored. · 7:49am Jan 20th, 2022

Ssssooooooooo, I can't seem to get this out of my head recently. And sadly, I still ain't good enough to write it out as a good story yet. :pinkiesad2:

But, I could probably commissioned it to one of you guys and gals. So thanks.

So here's my idea;

It will start off as a "regular" Anon-A-Miss story, at first. But immediately starts in the aftermath of it.

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A new story idea to anyone that wants to make them? This is my first story commission, I guess? · 2:06am Sep 29th, 2021

Does anyone of you ever heard of a very old MLP fandom idea called: "Equestria Divided" by PoorYorick?

Sure, there is many stories in here. But, they are still incomplete or in hiatus for a LLLLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG TIME!!!!

We still have new stories for other mlp fandoms like "Cupcakes", "Rainbow Factory", other MLP horrors.

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Personal Question to everyone for New Story Ideas to try? · 2:53pm Dec 12th, 2020

To every Writer or Reader who wants to make a New Story that is entirely original for once in here.

Since were near Christmas and near the end of this heinous 2020 Year with the Virus and stuff. I decided to put my FIRST Blog in here to tell you guys and gals some crossover ideas you might like.

I know we have a lot of crossover with several of our various franchises in Video Games, Movies, Series, Comics, etc..

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