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We are back baby · 3:32pm Jun 4th, 2020

Interlude is back up again now better than ever!

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Luna's penance · 1:26pm Jun 3rd, 2020

So I have kinda screwed up with my latest chapter so for the next 24 hours, I'm going to be rewriting it. This means I will need to unpublish Luna's penance so that I can edit it without confusing people as to why its full of unfinished stuff

Don't worry tho it will be back up as a new and improved chapter with NO OOC PRINCESSES WOOOOOO!!!!

Hope ya Bois don't mind BUT when I'm done it will no longer be a smol chapter But a GOOD CHAPTER!

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Tomorrow is the day · 7:33pm May 28th, 2020

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New cover art · 8:38am May 26th, 2020

Big thanks to Sonata Dusk951 for the cover art edits.
Hope ya like it

Still working on the next chapter but it will take longer due to my exams this week gotta focus on that but as I said in my A.N after Friday I will be working a lot on this story and Queen of the north.

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This is fantastic · 11:19am May 20th, 2020

So uhh i appear to have made it to featured.
This is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will work extra hard to make the next chapter the best it can be! :D

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Holy crap 50 likes · 4:01pm May 11th, 2020

I honestly have no words...
I started this story as just something fun. A story I knew I would have a lot of fun writing and reading.
And now seeing so many people enjoy my story as well
It's honestly beautiful and brings a pinkie pie level smile to my face :pinkiehappy:

I just can't thank you guys enough.

On a story related note I am currently working on the next chapter and am currently at 6 pages of notes (In comparison 4-The Empire is 13 pages)

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The Next Chapter and Thanks · 6:51pm May 5th, 2020

Hello Everybody :D

First: I would like to thank you for all the Love my first story is getting I really can't thank you guys enough

Secondly: The Next Chapter 4-The Empire will be a long one so it's going to take me more time to finish writing it as I am currently about halfway with it. BUT all is not lost if all goes well it will be up before the weeks end! WOOOOOOOOOOO

That's all I wanted to say and thank you for giving this amateur writer a chance :twilightsmile:


My story · 5:37pm May 2nd, 2020

My first ever story has been submitted and hopefully published in the next few days.
I am looking forward to continuing it and getting feedback :pinkiehappy:

hope you all enjoy it :D


1st Chapter done!!!!!!! · 8:46pm Apr 27th, 2020

SO I have completed my first chapter but I cannot publish the story yet due to the Story NOT YET containing anything MLP related so when this story goes up it will come with Minimum 2 chapters (maybe more tho if I get into the zone)
But otherwise I am very happy with how the 1st chapter game out. I am definitely looking forward to getting the second chapter out and being able to publish the story :D


I have started working on my first Story · 5:40pm Apr 25th, 2020

Hi there so I've been giving this some thought and have started writing down notes and overall started storyboarding what it's gonna be about who, what, where, etc.

So yeah lookout for that if I can get everything ready the Prologue should be up tomorrow.

Overall I'm looking forward to writing a Story I know I will enjoy here's hoping you guys will too