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The arrow of time moves from past to future. Try to change what’s set in stone, and causality loops as a circle. But with the twist of a paradox reality twins. The journey of life doubles, and what might have become, is...

Much further downstream the river of time, a desperate experiment has unexpected consequences. An unwilling traveler of time and space, Twilight Sparkle becomes face-to-face with herself in an Equestria utterly unfamiliar to her. Gargantuan machines scar the land roaring into the chaos of war, great engines drive the sun and moon across an unfamiliar sky, and the spectre of Discord’s thousand-year reign haunts the landscape, threatening to drown all that stands. The legacy of the mysterious disappearance of Princesses Celestia and Luna over a thousand years ago.

For one Twilight Sparkle, it is all she knows. But the other can see all that is wrong with the world. Equestria shattered, the Elements of Harmony broken, a world torn by unrelenting storms of chaos magic. As the earth-shaking tremors of a Rune War rage, Twilight Sparkle must teach her other self the power of friendship, and bring dawn to a dying world...

Many thanks to Daemon of Decay, NejinOniwa, and amacita for pre-reading!

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