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About the grammar of The Sneezing Changeling · 10:49am Sep 19th, 2014

The Sneezing Changeling featured? I didn't expect this, especially after letting you wait for 5 months for the next chapter.

As you have noticed by my grammar, English is not my native language. French is. My editor being very busy, he had trouble finding time to edit my fic to a decent level of English.

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A quick update · 9:02pm Jun 4th, 2014

It's just to say that I didn't disappear from the site and I continue to write the next chapter of The Sneezing Changeling. My lack of answer came from the fact that I had, in the space of one month and a half, to write a paper, to search for a work experience and to pass my exams. In these conditions, I didn't have the time to write a lot. Moreover, because of the changes on the 16th chapter, the next chapter must be completely rewritten. And unlike the planned 17th chapter (and epilogue in

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The rewritten 16th chapter is here. · 4:29pm Apr 21st, 2014

That took time, but the chapter 16, renamed the Adoption, will be published shortly.

I hope this version will be better than the previous one. (I have the feeling that it can't be worse)

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Warning on the 16th chapter of The Sneezing Changeling · 9:13pm Feb 9th, 2014

To all readers of "The Sneezing Changeling", the 16th chapter "The End?" is in need of revamp. So unless you want to read a chapter in which everyone who commented it has given a negative critic, avoid this chapter for the moment.

Edit : Now deleted (it will be easier)

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What about today · 9:36pm Aug 29th, 2013

Today is my birthday (at the time I'm writing these lines). And my mother's gift was a pony's figurine (not a nice one like the ones you can see on the web but the classical one that you can find everywhere. I don't live in a big town so we don't have much choice). It was nice of her but I saw in her smile that it amused her a lot to give me that. It came from the fact that I can't show her some episodes by "accident" (since the only way would be to shove my computer screen in her face) so she

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What I do when I'm supposed to study · 3:43pm Jun 1st, 2013

I'm making this blog post for several reasons.

First one, I wanted to get rid of the old blog post I made months ago.

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About the next chapter of The Sneezing Changeling · 11:07pm Mar 11th, 2013

Like I said in the first chapter, a large part of the story is already translated. But, being unable to proofread myself, I need the help of a proofreader to correct my mistakes. Elmohipster did a great job for the first three chapters, but can't continue to edit it for personal reasons.

As long as I don't find an other proofreader who will be okay to edit my story, I won't be able to publish the next chapters into a decent English. So, you'll have to wait until I find one.

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