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This party is like every party Pinkie's ever had. It's also like no party that she's ever had before.

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Spike introduces Pinkie Pie to the one game she can't play: Rock Paper Scissors. She takes it about as well as one would expect.

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Spike doesn't know how long he's been running - he just knows he can't stop. He doesn't know why the ponies keep hunting him - he just knows they won't stop. From the sky, from the earth, from the water and all the between places, the ponies emerge with their tricks and their ambushes and their unrelenting hunger. He's just the appetizer in a banquet that never ends.

Thanks to a certain crazy person who would like to remain anonymous, this story now has a cover that actually looks good! You can find the commissioned artist, SapphireGamgee, over at Deviantart. Just, uh, be careful when you're browsing the 'More from Deviantart' section. Things get really weird, really fast. I blame myself for this.

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Rarity comes to Twilight to confess a bizarre secret that will change how Twilight sees her forever. Can Twilight handle it like a seemingly normal, completely well-adjusted and mature pony? Can she even BELIEVE it? (The answers are no, and yes, respectively.)

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