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I believe in my whole race. Yellow, white, black, red, brown in the honesty, courage, intelligence, durability and goodness of the overwhelming majority of my brothers and sisters everywhere


well I'm very very disappointed right now · 3:11am Oct 8th, 2015

I went to order the the derpy or muffin if you prefer plushie from build-a-bear but unfortunately its out of stock and I don't know if there's going to be any more if anybody can give me any more information I would appreciate it

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Good Morning :) · 12:03pm Jul 8th, 2015

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so what are your feelings on this new seasons · 8:25pm Apr 25th, 2015

tell me your thoughts

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I'm exhausted emotionally and physically · 11:10pm Mar 29th, 2015

Hay everyone usually I don't like to talk about personal problems but I really don't feel like keeping this one in right now ok here's what's going on the 20th my father was admitted to the hospital because of a massive stroke now you see the thing is my father did not take good care of himself in this is the the fifth massive he's had so they put him in rehab on Thursday and on Friday he had another massive stroke we get called to the hospital and he was not doing so good so we got there and

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Thank you all · 7:01pm Mar 19th, 2015

Hi the reason I'm writing this blog is to acknowledge and thank all the people that have followed me or that left a little message on my page thanking me for following them and favorite one of their stories. Or to the ones that took the time to leave a nice or silly message on my page that made my day. You are seriously the best so I figured I'd also tell you something about me. For example when the first season of my Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I was going through some pretty hard times

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May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your you're soul on the way to the afterlife · 6:40pm Feb 27th, 2015

you will be missed and never forgotten

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watch this if you haven't already watch this · 7:32am Jan 17th, 2015

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no longer mad just a little annoyed · 12:38am Oct 26th, 2014

I'm making a spike costume for fiesta Equestria and I went to the fabric store to get a pattern and hopefully some fabric for it so I took the spike I got form build a bear with me to use a reference and some woman let her little girl walk up take it when I set it down next to me so I could look through some pattern books and apparently didn't bother to ask her daughter where she got her new toy and then she just proceeded to buy her stuff and walk out the store with it I didn't see them take

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human in Equestria stories · 6:54pm Sep 24th, 2011

What stories do you recommend?

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