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Hearts and Hooves Day is fast approaching, and Canterlot's newest musical star is without a date. Reluctantly, Sweetie Belle agrees to let her manager set her up on a blind date--after all, what's the worst that could happen? But when she arrives to the designated restaurant on February the 14th, Sweetie is shocked to find herself sitting across from a familiar orange and purple pegasus!

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As a student in Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle didn't have time for friends. Now, she's relocated to the slow-paced, country village of Ponyville, where she has instant access to the local library and doesn't even need to room with her old assistant, Spike. But the best part is that she has friends now: not the boring, interruptive, time-wasting friends that she always dreaded one day having, but true friends. Loyal friends. Best friends. Now Twilight is truly happy, and nothing can kill her mood!

It seems the evil in her new home will have to be content with killing the pony herself instead...

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Princess Luna must go on a diplomatic mission to the isolated city of Marem, and is tasked with choosing a suitable traveling partner to accompany her on the way. She does not choose the talented and magically-inclined Twilight Sparkle, nor the quick and loyal Rainbow Dash, nor even the strong and talented Applejack. Instead, she surprises everypony by taking Pinkie Pie with her and leaving without a word. Not even Celestia can guess the reasoning behind her sister's choice.

For whatever reason, Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie set off to find and negotiate an agreement with the mysterious community of unicorns located beyond the borders of Equestria. What they find there will impact not only Equestria's stance on foreign policy, but the very lives of the two ponies at the center of it all.

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When Pinkie Pie declares that she's taking a day off to have some alone time, her friends can't help but be deeply concerned--after all, what is Pinkie without a party to throw? But, as far as Pinkie's concerned, a party is a party, even if there is only one guest. Even is that guest is herself!

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