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Deposed and defeated, Queen Chrysalis flees from her hive and across the desert. Lost and exhausted, it seems her luck has run out, until she's found by the mysterious sorceress who calls herself Mirage.

Are these two fated to become master and minion?
Rivals? Allies? Enemies?
Or perhaps even. . . friends?

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Manehattan is Equestria’s most cosmopolitan city. Different classes, cultures and species mix freely in the hustle and bustle of daily life and work. Griffintown is a thriving community among this colorful cityscape.

It is here that Lupo plies his bloody trade.

Chapters (3)

The Books And Branches Library is getting crowded now that Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Owloysious, Peewee, Nyx and Skitterskee are all living there. Twilight faces exhaustion as she tries to manage this crazy household along with the library itself and her research for the princess. And that changeling, Skitterskee. . . It seems like a pathetic creature, but it might be more devious than anypony thought.

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Trixie hits the road once again, this time taking her magic act across the dimensional barrier to the world of humans. Soon she is recruited by a mysterious organization called The Golden Dawn, who say they're trying to save the world from Conversion. However, if they're wrong their misguided effort could doom millions. Trixie doesn't know who to believe, but she'll have to figure it out and decide where her loyalties lie: with her homeland and Princess Celestia, or with her new friends and the charismatic Queen Katrina!

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Nightmare Moon has been defeated, destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. Still some part of her survives, split apart from Princess Luna and trapped in a world of dreams. Now she searches for a way to return to Equestria, to live again and reclaim her throne. However, the dream world is a confusing place with many strange beings who may help or hinder.

(note: "Crossover" with some characters from Sandman comics, but you don't need to be familiar with them.)

Chapters (29)

A mysterious entity appears in Ponyville. Is this unknown alicorn a long-lost goddess or a harbinger of doom? Or both?? Has she come to unleash ancient forces, or (as she claims) merely dropped into town for a couple of days to visit an old friend? Twilight Sparkle is determined to get answers -- no matter what it takes.

Chapters (4)

Cast into a world populated by humans, all memories gone, and reverted to the form of a small filly, Twilight Sparkle has to grow up all over again -- while trying to figure out what she is, where she came from, and where she belongs.

This short piece is inspired by "My Little Dashie", but with a couple of twists and a very different tone.

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After decades of conflict, the three pony races have finally united in a new nation: Equestria! Earth ponies Pinkie Pie and Minty decide this is a great opportunity to visit Unicornia and the fabled “Summer Sun Celebration” where the unicorn mages raise the sun for the longest day of the year. Along the way, however, a strange weather phenomenon hurls them (along with their new pegasus friend, Star Catcher) into an unfamiliar landscape. They come to a wondrous city called Canterlot, ruled by a pair of mysterious princesses.

(No time lords were harmed in the making of this temporal paradox.)

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Short story inspired from an amazing picture by Harwick.

Long years have passed, and Twilight Sparkle has outlived most of her close friends. As Twilight's time in Equestria draws to a close, Princess Celestia teaches her student a final lesson filled with cosmic revelations. (And yes, it does actually have a happy ending.)

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