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Pentagon is in fact, a spider-type changeling. Been one his entire life, actually. When his boyfriend is a butterfly, it generally makes it even harder for Pent to keep his obsessive, predatory personality under control on his molts.

To warn Oculus ahead of time, Pentagon must make it clear that he's actually a spider. That the form he uses isn't his actual form, and so on and so forth.

Oculus being oblivious as Celestia's sunbutt doesn't exactly help at all.

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Ocellus has been sent to the School of Friendship to assist one of the students there, who has a bit of an anger problem. Her goal is to make the student at least a little bit more bendable to the school's rules, and then she'd be excused. Permanently.

But something tells her that this isn't something her computerized brain can just plan out. It's real life. With real creatures. And she has to fit in, or else she won't be able to help out her client.

And that means she might have to be there way longer than she needs to be.

Note: -Don't matter if the cover art may not match the story. I chose what I chose because 'Celly is best bug. 'Nuff said.

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Wasp, ever since he was a little grub, couldn't help but shake the feeling of a certain fondness for boys rather than girls. Being in a group of friends that was generally accepting of that, he figured he'd have no problem coming out to them, since one of them had already admitted to liking boys as well.

But there's one boy Wasp favored above every other boy in particular; Oculus. To make things a little bit easier, he decides to come out to him about his feelings for the first time.

And that's not the only "first time" something happens that night.

This doesn't contain anything explicitly racy. It just involves a little bit of kissing and touching, but anything else beyond that gets skipped.

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Pentagon and Oculus have been friendly with each other for a while, now. With their friend, Ocellus, gone to the School of Friendship for a year, and the scarce amount of mutual friends they have, they truly have had nothing but each other for the past few months.

A few tight hugs here, a few kisses there, and Pentagon believes their relationship should be extended, but Oculus is starting to be a bit more "friendlier" with another friend.

Pentagon has to draw the line.

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All his childhood life, Oculus has been hiding a pretty dumb secret from everybody. He knows it isn't exactly the most disturbing secret to keep, compared to the rest of his friends, but this has been a secret he's been harboring for a while, now.

This is to celebrate the return of my better side; my writing side.

9/19/20 — How did this get on the popular list?! :pinkiegasp:

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Ocellus was schwasted as hell the other night, so I let her sleep in a little while I got ready. I figured I'd have to call her in sick, or something.

Well, if I can make it out of the blast zone.

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Smolder and Ocellus struggle with their relationship. Smolder isn't too fond of labels.

She constantly has problems with what they are, versus what they're not. Are they girlfriends, or are they not?

Note: There was only very minor implied sex in the beginning, if you're wondering why the sex tag is there.

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