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All that exists in me is everlasting moo

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Hey There!

I see you browsing my user page. Or at least I think you are. I dunno, I'm only assuming.

Hi, I'm Blu! I'm telling you this because I'm mainly known for changing my name. A lot. So, Blu's just a name to stick by. Stick!

Get to know me!

Firstly, I'm clearly obsessed with the "center" function. But I also like other things, too.

Obviously, I like to write stories. Not much of a reader, unless the story is of a certain type and genre. Also, I'm kind of a blogger. Not too much, or else you'll unfollow me. Hehe. :twilightsheepish:

Otherwise, I also like to draw. You can follow me on DeviantArt, also located in a specific module here. But just in case, here it is. Please, go follow me there. It'd be much appreciated.

Designing creatures is also a big thing for me.

Seriously, it gives me a better excuse to be on here as much as I am.

Let's be friends!

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Ever lasting moo lmao

I love you too mijo *hugs tight* don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fixed by tomorrow. Sleep well mijo.

Fine...Love you, mom...

...Still didn't work...*hugs tight* I'll put what I was going to tell you here

*Rocks, singing softly* hush now little cub, you're loved by all you know *kisses forehead* you'll never lose them, no matter where you may go...there won't ever be cause to worry, please don't cry or fret, their love will never change, no matter what happens,

Try to get some sleep, okay mijo?

  • Viewing 688 - 692 of 692
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