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Sour Oranges

Have a good day. Or a good life. For me, there’s not much of a difference.

My Old Nicknames

  • OculusRift
  • Claussen (when I was a pickle)
  • Jay The Tight Jar Opener
  • Dxrth (when I was extra edgy)
  • DarthKube (when I was binging JSAB)
  • Critically_Damaged (when I was going through a lot)
  • Edgy_Prince
  • Plugger_Nut (when I first joined)

Latest Stories

Blog Posts

  • Today
    Teenager Stuff

    *opening the door* “Clark... you awake...? I-I brought you lunch. I-It’s your favorite, dead fish...”

    *peeks open his eyes* “Yo.”

    ”Hey, I think we should tell them you’re awake eventually.”

    ”Nah. Cassie won’t care.”

    ”Well, she should...” *huffs*

    (Phil closes the door to to hospital room before bringing Clark his tray of three dead fish...)

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  • Today
    Hey, Uh, I Made This Edit

    Yes, they’re Clark and Philip.

    It took me a few hours to do just this, so... eh

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  • Thursday

    (For more info, read my last blog’s comment section...)

    ”I-I... I didn’t mean to... I-I love you guys...”

    ”Wh.. What’s he...?”

    ”He ain’t talkin’ to us...”

    “T-Tell mom that I would’ve done anything for her... a-and tell dad that he was... t-the best father anyone could ask for...”

    ”No fucking way...”

    ”I just wish I didn’t...”

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  • Thursday
    It’s A Terrible Waste

    “I feel numb, I’ve been burning with haste and I’m realizing now it’s a terrible waste,”

    “I feel numb, I’ve been burning with haste and I’m realizing now it’s a terrible waste,”

    “I feel numb...”

    ”He’s... he’s been mumbling like this for hours...”

    ”Oh, wrap it in with cinnamon...”

    ”...What about...?”

    ”Jesus, Clark...”

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Or, something like that. Anyway, you can all me Oculus, the guy who likes to torment characters in a series of terribly written stories.

Stuff I Like To Write Sometimes: Mostly mature stories; Darkfics and Adult Humor Fics, One Shots, too; Cute, Romance, Things like that.

Name: Oculus

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Sleeping, Not getting enough sleep, Talking to my friends

Waifu List

  1. Ocellus
  2. Fluttershy
  3. Smolder
  4. Ember
  5. Trixie
  6. Twilight
  7. Starlight

Favorite Characters

  • Ocellus
  • Pharynx (Not as waifu material as Ocellus, but yeah, he makes a good husbando, too.)
  • Thorax (I really like chairs. And Thorax.)
  • Smolder
  • Ember
  • Fluttershy
  • Starlight
  • Discord
  • Trixie

Yeah, don't *squee* with my waifus. I'll *squee* you up.

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Heh. Yeah. She’s the best ling, no questions asked.

I like ur profile pic
Thats a cute changeling xD

Ocellus isn’t a sell out, she just sells better.:moustache:

I really liked ur previous pfp, what a sellout. :trollestia:

Heh, thanks again:twilightsheepish:

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