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Well... *scratches head in embarrassment* I feel that after so long I ought to post something, anything! Anything at all! So I have this short science fiction thing that I kept intending to continue and improve but in trying to edit it I found so much that needed changing in order for me to like it enough to continue that I might as well start over from scratch. Anyway, I have a bad habit of getting myself started on projects which are designed to go on for 10,000 or more words and then running out of interest halfway through. So instead of waisting more time on this thing I'll just post what exists and if you hate me for simply ending it in the middle of an action scene then you are welcome to do so.

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A short and cute story of a morning's adventure of a young mare and her diaper. Not really meant as clop material, I wanted to do something a little less...extreme for this one. The story is in fact, at least in terms of general environment and emotional content, based loosely (obviously) on my own experiences as a young teen adventuring around in the hills and forests of southern Indiana.

This story is actually a heavily re-worked and expanded section of another old story of mine that originally had no diaper content at all. Well, I like it better this way.

Despite no sexual contact or description of sexual acts there is a wet and messy diaper involved.

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If Megan from My Little Pony the Movie (1986) was one of the last colonists on Equestria before Humans died out there, her family and its history must have come from somewhere, these are a few short ideas I had about a woman named Megan who is the great-grandmother of the Megan in that original film, and experiences she had over centuries of exploring space before settling on the planet that would one day be known as Equestria. The ideas were never strong enough for me to pursue them beyond what is written here. Think on it more as nearly two thousand words of musings on my part.

I actually wrote this over a year ago and only now have put it together in a pile to publish it.

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Nearly 400 years before the return of Princess Luna, Celestia is made aware of the presence of a damaged weapon, a remnant from an ancient battle, fallen from the heavens and forgotten on a world it should never have been near.

A short story based on an idea from the Revelation Space novel series by Alastair Reynolds.

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