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Disaster · 6:03am Last Monday

People are hating on my story and me and I don’t know why, because no one is giving me concrete answers and now making fun of me. Please someone, help me understand. I am inspired by Jakub the Reshiram to write, but even though I take inspiration from his story, my story is so much more of an utter failure compared to his, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. :fluttercry: What is Jakub doing right that I’m not?

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Cover picture · 1:10am March 19th

Can anyone come up with a nicer cover picture for me? Currently it’s just John with a lightning bolt, could someone do a better John Cousins for me? Or anyone know any good artist for me to ask?


Jakub te Reshiram · 1:49am March 13th

Jakub wants to leave but we must tell him to keep writing. Writing can be improved, he has taught me some tips on writing so he has inspired me to write. Please tell him not to Leave Fimfiction, there will always be people who don’t like even the best stories but we continue to improve and work our stories into something people will want to read. I learn to write from reading his story and honest, it isn’t the best story, now I see, but it can be better, Much better. You must just keep making

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