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CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS, Are my Favorite characters. I fixed the link to my deviantArt so now anyone can few the pony pictures I have done


2nd blog, story things · 5:10pm Jul 7th, 2012

2nd blog, don't really know why I'm making it exactly but hey whatever. (Check)

Okay so my story is started and so far so good. But you see I have a problem, I'm bad with grammar and sometimes don't know left from right.
This would be a big help if someone is willing to beta my story once it's finished.
Just message me or contact me through deviantArt and as a reward I'll draw you a pony picture. (Check)
\(' . ' \) --(' . ')-- (/ ' . ')/

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1st blog, ponies and junk......Pandas too · 6:25am Jul 5th, 2012

Well this is my first blog, don't have much to say on the matter. (Check)

I will be writing a pony (ponies) story, maybe soon or not, its really unclear still. I have a idea of what I want to write about and who the main character(s) will be so hopefully I will have a chapter written fairly soon. (Check)

Junk....is very bad for your health don't eat it. (Check)

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