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Need OC's! · 11:29pm Mar 12th, 2013

Hello people of FIMfiction.net! Sneaks here with a request for you all that are reading this!

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More stuff on my plate · 5:17am Nov 21st, 2012

Fanfiction writing is at a low-priority. In fact, my story I posted I am just going to revoke for now. I have joined the Dev. Team of SSP(Super Smash Ponies).

So, stories may or may not come for a while....or ever again. Cross that bridge when we get there!

-Sneaks, signing out

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Hello FIMfiction writer's and reader's! · 3:20pm Sep 2nd, 2012


I might not have the next chapter up on my story for a while :/

Writer's block struck me at the worst time and I just wanted to let you guys know.

If any of you could help with some of the writing I would gladly accept it and it would speed things up.

Until then,

I am Sneaks,

And this has been my blog post.

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First unicorn in the human world. · 10:22am Aug 24th, 2012

Not even original at the slightest. But I could care less.

I want to write a story that people might enjoy to make up for my "portal to ponyville" monstrosity from a while back.

I will try to update it every week or so but with school it may not be possible. Let us hope though!

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LoE application fanfiction! · 12:33pm Jul 24th, 2012

To the very few who actually read that I was showing you guys my application(thank you to that 1 who I think is angry with me still :( )

At 8:00 tonight I will give you guys the link to the story(because fanfiction still has spamguard active for me because I am new -.-)

So stay tuned you 1-3 people actually reading this!

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First try at a fan fiction! · 8:59pm Jul 23rd, 2012

And it failed....horribly.....

I think I understand though. I tried to go into a topic of writeing I have never done before. I should take it slow and try one that is fully in equestria.

Well....when I start working in collaboration you can expect stuff from mr and my patner(I think the stories might be on her account not mine so I will post links)

I guess that is all.

-Sneaks out!

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