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Nights Wolf

Brony from 2012, fimfic reader from 2014, fimfic writer from 2020

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  • 11 weeks
    Wholesome Romance Story

    Cute romance story a friend wrote that’s based on one of my characters.


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  • 13 weeks

    While I didn’t exactly amass a enormous audience over the handful of months that I was here, I know that I, nonetheless, did have a small but growing fan base, people who relied on and expected regular updates from my various stories, or friends I made through DMs on site. To these people I’d like to apologise.

    I left the site because I was going through quite a bit of depression, mostly from personal stuff that doesn’t relate to this site. This lasted for two months, maybe a little more.

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  • 40 weeks
    Happy Easter

    Technically it’s almost two hours past Easter, but it should still be Easter for most people.

    I spent a lot of time with my family yesterday, and will be doing the same later on today (the 13th), but there should definitely be a new commission upload tomorrow.

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  • 41 weeks
    (Free) Commissions Schedule

    I hope to do ~3 stories a week, which should give you a good idea of when you’re story should be written.

    If you have any questions or want me to write something for you I’m more than happy to do so. Write any questions or submissions in the comments or here, or DM if you want to talk in-depth.

    Long Commissions. (Longer stuff will be done eventually, but will obviously take a lot more work.)

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  • 42 weeks
    100,000 Words

    Yesterday I just reached 100,000 total words with the release of the first in what will be a series of short stories.

    I hope to get up at least 100,000 words and 10 stories within the next month, most of which should come from more shorts and commissions.

    Expect another ~5,000 word story to come out later on today.

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Wholesome Romance Story · 5:26pm Nov 6th, 2020

Cute romance story a friend wrote that’s based on one of my characters.


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That’s okay<3

I’m actually really physically sick right now, but otherwise I’m doing good, emotionally and mentally. As for not being great physically, I should be better in a few days, so don’t worry too much about that.

I seem to recall you making commission for me prior to your break from the site.
I just wanted to say sorry if i at all contributed to the stress you felt at the time.

I don’t have to go. I can go between writing a sentence or two and talking.


I'll send a list later, since I have to go in a few minutes

Yeah, but I’m happy to at least see whatever ideas you have.

I’ve started writing the Dashie story. Will probably do at least 500-700 words tonight, maybe a little more.

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