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After Twilight's Coronation Twilight returned home before finding a note saying that said she has to rest up and go to the Airship somewhere in Canterlot but what she didn't know was that it was a trick to get her to go to an Killing Game with other Creatures who are also trapped on the Airship somewhere in the Multiverse

Will they survive or will despair fall over them?

This takes place 2 years after DanganRonpa 69: There’s MORE goddamn hope!? and 1 year after Danganronpa 64 so if you haven't watched any of these series be sure to do so

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This story is a sequel to Miraculous Ponies: Origins

After fighting Nightmare Moon, Stoneheart and Stoneheart's army the Mane Six, Ladybug and Cat Noir are now having some adventures in Ponyville, meet new Allies, Friends and more while also protecting Paris from Akumatized Villains

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Marinette starts out as an normal girl and Adrien who always gets to be locked in his home before they both get sucked into an portal arriving in Equestria, with one way to escape; defeat Nightmare Moon. While in Paris they also have to stop Stoneheart, will they both win? Or will they be trapped in equestria for years? Find out in this story!

This is my first story which is going to be reviewed once or twice also if you guys want this will also be an story which you can add on one of the Wiki's so do it please

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This is in an alternate timeline than the Lolirock story so this is an story where there will be ships like Twilight Sparkle X Flash Sentry, Starlight Glimmer X Sunset Shimmer so expect these ships

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this is my first story so happy reading and also feel free to like it and comment and also don't forget to not argue

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