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Friendship Souls Next Week · 8:31am Feb 12th, 2022

As a heads up, the next chapter of Friendship Souls is something I'm taking an extra week on. I'm at around 7,600 words right now, which is a fair bit behind my usual, and the chapter isn't at a good stopping point. Just been wresting with a few factors on the chapter this time around that I want another week to hammer out until I'm satisfied with what I have. There's a lot that needs getting to here and I want to start brining the Equestrian arc towards it's last act. I'm eager to return to

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Holiday Delay · 10:06am Jan 1st, 2022

As a heads up to everyone, this week's chapter of Friendship Souls will be a couple of days late. Between the holidays, and some work-related complications due to a lot of snow in my area, I'm a bit short of the spot I want the chapter to be at. Still, it is close to done, so I suspect I can get it posted on Monday. As always I thank all of your for your patience.

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Celestia vs Starlight might take another day or two. · 9:31am Dec 4th, 2021

As is so often the case I do wish to apologize for the delays. I'm hard at work getting the next chapter of Friendship Souls written, but Celestia and Starlight Glimmer's epic duel is proving a challenge to write. I have no excuse other than I'm trying hard to make this battle feel and flow the way I want it too and that's taking more time than I anticipated it would. I may need a few days to get this one out, is what I'm saying. :twilightblush: But with some luck, hope, and elbow grease it'll

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Apologies, But Another Delay · 10:18am Nov 6th, 2021

I do not like doing this multiple times in a row, but this time it's exceedingly necessary. Without going into too much detail, I've had a personal loss among my friends, and have been spending a bit of time processing and dealing with that. Now, the next chapter is actually still coming along, around 8000 words currently, but it's just not done yet as I've lost a few days. As such I'll need another few days to finish the chapter properly, and I hope to have it ready by Monday or Tuesday. Kind

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Friendship Souls delayed to Monday · 8:37pm Oct 23rd, 2021

Hey folks, the next chapter is fairly close to done, but a bit of a family event means I need an extra couple of days to hammer it into shape. As always I do appreciate all of your patience, and hoping you all will enjoy the chapter when it comes out on Monday.

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Next Chapter on Monday, and a brief break. · 8:51am Aug 28th, 2021

Hello all, running into a few snags with the present Friendship Souls chapter that need working out. My hope is that it'll be ready on Monday, as I don't think it'll take me that long to work things out, but I can tell it won't be ready by tomorrow. I do apologize for the wait. On top of that, next week is the start of a vacation for me in which I won't have full access to my laptop for part of it, so there's a strong chance that'll affect the writing schedule, necessitating some further delay

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Friendship Souls Delayed This Week · 10:53am Jul 24th, 2021

Unfortunately the next chapter of Friendship Souls is taking a fair bit longer than I anticipated. Combination of work schedule throwing me off, and the chapter itself turning out to need a bit more length to get to the point I want it to be at. Since I don't think I can get this wrapped up in just a day or two, I'll push it to next Saturday so I can actually get this where I want without rushing myself. As always, though, I do apologize for the delay and thank you all for your patience.

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Couple of More Days On FS Chapter · 10:42pm Jun 12th, 2021

So, the good news is that I got my second shot for the Covid-19 vaccine this week, but the bad news is that this did sort of wipe me out a bit for a day or two and as a result I didn't make as much progress on Friendship Souls as I would've liked. Present chapter is getting there, but just not quite ready for posting, so I'll be taking a couple more days on it. As always, I thank you fine folks for your patience.

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Next Friendship Souls Chapter Delayed · 7:37pm Apr 10th, 2021

Heya folks, sad news but I'm going to need to take another week to get this next chapter for Friendship Souls ready. Just been kind of a rough week and haven't quite been on my usual writing groove, so the chapter is only about halfway done right now. I thank you all for your patience.

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Day or Two Delay on Friendship Souls Chapter · 12:35am Jan 31st, 2021

Just a heads up that while the next Friendship Souls chapter is pretty close to done, I want to sink another day or two into it before I feel it's good to post. Thanks for your patience everyone. :twilightsmile:

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