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Rainy days, I hated them. They kept me imprisoned inside of my home, waiting to go back outside and play. Then, the rain stopped, and I saw it: a rainbow, releasing me from my prison and back into freedom. And it was beautiful.

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It's funny what you remember from your foalhood. What I remember is moving a lot. What I also remember is Derpy.

This is (loosely) based on something I saw in real life, or at least the characters are. Just a short, simple story.

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How will a Pony adjust to living in your human apartment? More importantly, how will you adjust to living with a pony? A mare pony no less. You should have known that someone with the name of Fluttershy would have been a pony. Equestrian Ponies are just so... foreign! You never know how to act around them. Will you be able to overcome this and cope with this pony invasion into your life?

In part inspired/influenced by The Roommate by totallynotabrony.

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Greg is an average guy, but his life is turned upside down when he falls into the land of his best friend's T.V. show by some accident. How will he cope when he is forced to allow himself be turned into a pony and leave his life behind. What is he supposed to do in this strange land of multicolored pony-like creatures.

Not a very original idea, but hopefully a good story. The Human element is not a huge role, but I'm giving it a human tag anyways.

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When a young Alicorn is found in Canterlot, the Princesses decide to raise it. Suprisingly, this proves to be a much harder task than originally expected from a surprising young Alicorn. (Has an OC Alicorn. If that's not your cup of tea, this story might not be for you)
Note: First story EVER! So feel free to give criticism in the comments. Or tell me if you like it! Any thoughts are appreciated.

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