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Hi, Im Mr_Mopey or just Mopey. Because this is a short Bio I'll say this. I Dislike Anthro stories(More about on my Profile Page)

Now as my Short Bio said I'll explain why I "hate" Anthro fic/stories/whatever.

  1. I Don't Like it
  2. I find it weird.
  3. Too weird for me
  4. I don't really know I just don't like it.

As you can see I don't like it. There, however, is an exception. That exception is that it interests me enough to read it and then somehow gets me to like it. It would take a lot of convincing to do that. I don't really find anthro stories interesting. The only times I might take a crack at them is if it was recommended or something along those lines.

Anyways on from that Stories, I do like... Well, why are you reading? This checks out my library. I like humans stories and pretty much stories with an op or reasonably powerful character but in turn for said power have a flaw in them such as maybe they have a family or lover that's their flaw and or weakness. And yes I know humans are similar to anthro but still no. There's a line between them.

Currently writing a story(hoping to do weekly chapter) with a human. If your reading this then it's probably already out since at the time of reading this I'm waiting on the cover art before posting said story which should be done tomorrow plus any revisions I might need. Maybe near then end or sometime I might make a comment driven story but Imma stack that Idea for a later date until I get a reasonable good story good first.

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Unusual in the sense that it's got a more serious tone than most HiE stuff, and gets into ideas I don't see very often in HiE, outside of stuff like Hollow Shades, Article 2, A Stitch in Time, or Astral Aegis. It tries not to be a whimsical jaunt, but an introspective journey with some unsettling conclusions.

No Problem it's a pretty good story. It's not as unusual as I thought it would be. Only what she was displaced as and what happened when she got to Equestria. Other than that seemed almost normal to me. Not sure about others tho.

Glad you like Displaced into Nothing! Hope to finish it in the next couple months!

No problem. I quite enjoy it,

Thanks for faving Magisight! :twilightsmile:

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