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Not much to say. I read stories, try to support the ones that touch me. Now I'm starting to give more. It's a good feeling

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We all experience loss at one point in our lives. Some of us more early than others. How we deal with it is dependent on many things. The environment we grow up in, how often we've experienced it, how young we are when it happens... But most important of all, we are never alone. Times of grief, you can lean on your friends. They'll help keep you afloat while you steady yourself.

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Trailblazing. That would be an interesting cutie mark, right? Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom thought so! And what better place than in the Everfree Forest?
Little did they know though, that within the dark forest is a gateway. A gateway to a world so unlike their own and so terrifying, that nary a soul will speak its name. Nor the name of those who reside within... Ancient forces of primeval and infinite power within their domain.
They have been watching for generations. Unbeknownst to the citizens of Equus. Never seen... but always watching. Always meddling.


Set in the universe of Storms of Change though, reading the prior is not required.

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Queen Chrysalis, the sole ruler of Changelings, knows that if things stay the same, her hive will starve to death.
The hunting grounds, used for centuries by her hive, the hive of her mother, the hive of her grandmother, and for the entirety of the Changeling Hive's existence, have run dry. Her hunters have to search further and further... but it's not enough.
She has to expand, and the closest nation is that of Equestria. Her hive must come first.

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If a pony doesn't care about anything, they get bored. When ponies get bored they do something.
If there is no intention or improvement, why try?
If one commits mass murder, why try to hide it?

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Trixie was a showmare. Everything about her was about furthering her natural talent for illusionary magic. So when a certain purple unicorn shunned her for... her just doing her job... why would they do that? Trixie never wanted to hurt anycreature... can't they all see it's just an act?!
Artwork by WhinyChimera13

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