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Merry Christmas Everyone! · 9:07am Dec 26th, 2022

Whew... so, before I start... I owe you all an apology.
It's been... at least a year, possibly more since I've updated Guardian Angel And... that's just not fair to you guys!
So... consider this my Christmas gift to you all! It was... one of the toughest chapters I had to write in my life. Not only because I wrote like... half of it a year ago.

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One More Update! (I swear I'm writing!) · 9:39am Oct 25th, 2022

Hey all! Just a quick thing here, I have most of the next chapter of Guardian Angel written out! I have... maybe two more scenes to write. One of which... is going to be the most complicated scene I've... ever written. As in... three pages of notes, complicated. Note, that my notes for a chapter are usually two pages at the most...

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I'm Alive! · 5:42pm Oct 2nd, 2022

Good morning everyone, yes, I am alive! I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long. But for real now! I have a plan to finish up my final chapter for Guardian Angel! I won't promise consistent upload schedules, that's just not how I do things. I wanna give you guys the best I can possibly give whenever I write, so however long that takes, is how long I'll take. I promise to not upload anything that I myself am not proud

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Let's get a little serious here. · 2:46pm Mar 22nd, 2022

Hey all... I know there aren't very many of you, and this might not be the update you're hoping for, but there's been a few things that have been eating at me recently.
I'm going to talk about the most important one here.

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Plans and Updates. · 11:42pm Feb 11th, 2022

Hey all, I'm still new to this whole 'FIMFiction' biz, but I wanted to make an update, and let anyone know who may want to know that I'm very much still alive, and still writing.
I wanted to specifically talk about Guardian Angel. The next chapter will be its final chapter, as I prepare notes for the sequel I have planned.

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