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Sunset Shimmer did very bad things in this world. She knew that now. And she wanted to fix it.
As her punishment of helping repair the damaged high school nears its end, a familiar face comes along and makes her question whether everything can be mended. With Twilight's help, she began several new friendships.
Could she restart something more than that? Even if she broke it to begin with?

First 'Equestria Girls' fic I've done, and quite possibly one of the first Sunset/Flash Sentry stories out there (Though here the characters will be given 'human' names. I just feel it fits better that way).

Critiques Accepted, as always! Cover art will be fixed once I find a better picture.

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Nightmare Night nears. Twilight Sparkle wishes to show her friends her new spells she can use to aid in the scares. But one trick gone wrong results in the ultimate scare: A bloodthirsty vampire sent loose in Equestria.
Barnabas Collins now struggles not only to survive, but to find out why he's in the bizarre pony world and to find his way back home. Little does anyone know, they will soon become part of an ongoing battle none of them could imagine.

Crossover between MLP and the Tim Burton 'Dark Shadows' movie (with elements of the original soap thrown in). Will eventually blend into a multi-crossover with various franchises (this is the only story I've actually published out of a large series of fics). Headcanon to be explained on my DeviantART account - check my user page - once I really delve into the story. Critiques accepted.

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Caramel had always dreaded Hearts and Hooves Day. This year merely reinforced his opinions.
He never seemed to hold onto somepony for long. He had no idea until today that a relationship could be made and broken in one day.
Broken, he returns to Sweet Apple Acres in his habit of saying his goodbyes until next week. Also to once more think on what could most likely never be between him and a certain cowgirl pony.
He had no idea what awaited him once he opened the door.
Image created by asdflove on DeviantART and used with permission.

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Twilight finds her mind drifting off more and more into thoughts regarding the newly-met amateur astronomer, Comet Tail. She realizes these are thoughts of not only infatuation, but thoughts that tell her she saw him before. But where?
Eventually, she finds out...and she's not happy with who she remembers him as. Can he prove his sincerity? Maybe Twilight's B.B.B.F.F. can clear things up? Or will Twilight let this comet pass without so much as a glance on her part?
Written in response to (what I felt was) a severe lack of TwilightxCometTail works, as well as one comic that posits a theory on how Shining Armor got his cutie mark: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/128/b/3/summer_skies_by_fongsaunder-d4yy4mt.jpg
Please enjoy and critique!
EDIT: Featured as of June 23rd, if only for a few hours! Whoever made that possible, thank you SO much!

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