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Hello there. I hope you enjoy the stories that my brain decides to spew out at random intervals.


Rewriting one of my older stories. · 5:43pm Nov 21st, 2019

After coming back from my 2 year long hiatus on this story, I figured that I'd rewrite the thing. Send it in a better direction. Hopefully. We'll see what happens. No promises, honestly. Stay chill, folks.

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Not ded · 6:09pm Nov 20th, 2019

Not ded. At least...not yet.

Not been on here in months. Just a little blog to let you guys and gals know that I'm still around. If anyone wants to keep up with what I'm doing, feel free to add me on Discord.


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Don't worry, still here. · 12:26pm Jul 28th, 2017

Sorry to anyone who thinks that I've given up on "A little warmer reception than I was hoping for". I haven't, I've just not had the inspiration to write anything for the past few months. I will continue it in the near future. I'll probably end up doing it in August sometime, so keep an eye out for that. Just thought I'd keep the people who are wondering what's happening posted.

Take care, guys.

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The rewrite of "A little warmer reception than I was hoping for" · 6:06pm Mar 19th, 2017

Hey, guys. So yeah, the rewrite of the story has begun. I've deleted the original chapters and will get to work on the rewritten ones as soon as possible. I've also changed the rating to Teen as I don't feel that it will need the mature tag. Changed the description of the story to suit the rewrite, all of that stuff.

I have all of the original chapters saved onto my PC, so if I ever need to reupload them, I can. Or if any of you lovelies wants them, feel free to message me.

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The big 20 · 12:06am Feb 28th, 2015

Yup. It's past 12AM over here in the UK, so I'm now officially 20 years old.

To all my readers, I want to say something...

I'm getting fucking old. :raritydespair: :heart:

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New attempt at a story! · 4:19pm Feb 6th, 2015

I attempted a one shot Destiny/MLP cross fic and this is the result.

Hope you enjoy!

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Vanquish is back from hiatus! · 4:27am Feb 5th, 2015

Yup. That's right. One of my stories is back from hiatus. As I said in the author notes on the new chapter, I know that I should have written a chapter for my more popular story, A boy in Limbo, first. But I really wanted to write another chapter for Vanquish first. It's nothing spectacular, but it's something. I hope you enjoy it anyway! Till next time guys!

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All of my stories are currently on hiatus · 10:52am Oct 21st, 2014

I published a chapter on my "A Boy in Limbo" story talking about why I've put that on hiatus and the rest of my stories. Sorry guys. Until I feel like I can write again, they'll be on hiatus.

Until next time.


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A new chapter of "A Boy in Limbo" is out! · 1:50pm Jul 26th, 2014

Yes, I have finally wrote another chapter for this. Albeit, it's really short, so for that, I apologise.

I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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