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Friendship games alternate part 2 · 3:44am Sep 4th, 2021

Ok guys here’s part 2 of the action! Please enjoy and come back tomorrow for part 3 and remember if you enjoy this go follow my friend bumble

*Fallout’s hands glow with black and gold energy as a small tempest forms around him.*

Hahahaha look at me! I feel so powerful! Things are going to be much different from now on!

Honey-Bunny, what are you talking about?

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Friendship games alternate · 3:49am Sep 3rd, 2021

Someone, Help me!

*Twilight cried for help as the magic collected in her locket threatened to drag her into the mass of energy. As everyone else ignored her pleas for help one student charged forward.*

Hold on Twilight, I’m coming!

*grabs his hand* are you outa yer mind?! You’ll be putting both y’all in trouble!

*pulls hand out* I won’t stand by and let her handle this alone!

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Madame pinkie · 3:35am Aug 28th, 2021

*Fallout yawns as he sits up from the cloud he was napping on and looks below him to see that he managed to drift above Ponyville making him smile*

Cool I don’t have to fly far now! And it looks like I’m above the market too maybe I can grab a snack

*as fallout talked to himself about his plans he looks down at the street below watching various ponies walk around and talk to one another but as he did he spotted a new tent set up in the middle of the market*

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She loves to tease · 7:08pm Aug 23rd, 2021

Come along now darling we have monsters to take care of

Uh are you sure rarity

of course I’m sure dearest we did it last Last remember

Yeah I remember almost getting crushed to death by a big stone monster

and I saved you because didn’t I? I’ve gotten better at fighting thanks to you

And I’m proud of it

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They can try · 4:16am Aug 20th, 2021

*sunset sighs in boredom as she looks around the mall keeping an eye out for her boyfriend to arrive, as she’s waiting she bites her lip and checked her phone to look at the time but instead sees a message from fallout and reads it*

Hey babe sorry I’m late but I had to deal with an ant problem in my kitchen

*after reading what it says she laughs then quickly responds*

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Off early · 1:40am Aug 19th, 2021

awww your welcome little one just remember to be more careful next time ok? I know you want to fly but you need to have your parents show you how

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Spylight sparkle · 5:13am Aug 13th, 2021

*Fallout yawns as he continued to follow the golden armored stallion beside him that was leading him to the room he would be saying in for the night at canterlot castle thanks to come convincing from Celestia and Luna themselves*

Geez I swear this place always seems bigger every time I come

*the remark got a small chuckle from the guard*

yeah I hear that a lot but it’s never changed if you say here longer then a few days you learn

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Perks of the relationship · 5:13am Aug 11th, 2021

*after making sure the monster wasn’t going to break free anytime soon Applejack quickly made her way to Applebloom to check on her then soon after that they began to talk and apologize*

it won’t happen again Applebloom ah promise now let’s go deliver these pie and head home

yeah let’s get this done

*as they begin to walk Applebloom starts to think about a few things*

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Soccer ball · 1:42am Aug 8th, 2021

*Darkness…..Darkness and ringing is all fallout could see and hear as he laid on the ground in pain as his girlfriends rushed over to him*

Rainbow dash look at what you did to him! He just got finished getting better from the car accident

Rarity now isn’t the time!

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Another wonderbolt party · 3:22am Aug 5th, 2021

oh man the food is better then the last time I was here! You gotta try the grilled veggies!

*fallout chuckles as he watched his girlfriend happily eat and shakes his head*

The last time you were here that one guy tried to frame you for-

*fallout was quickly cut off as Rainbow shuts him up by shoving a small carrot into his mouth*

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