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Before the making of Equestria...Before the making of the Princesses...There are two immortal beings that have fought beyond the beginning of time. These two forces have many names, but they are truly just The Light and The Dark. The Dark has rampaged Equestria for centuries, but a warrior of the light may just be Equestria's savior, or it's demise...

Recommended that you read the book series
All rights go to Joseph Delaney and The Last Apprentice series.

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Jamie has a dull life. He learns, he hangs out with his best friend Cole and his girlfriend Kiana, and goes through the motions of a normal human life. But none of that matters when a horrible skydiving accident puts him into a coma. When he awakes, he realizes that he and everyone else (or everypony else) are talking horses! How will Jamie deal with his new surroundings, or more importantly, how will he get back home? He'll need an alias, and a mischievous one at that. cover picture is the pony version of Cole, Jamie, or Kiana. I mix it up, Written for my friend Mischief Max.

My first fanfic story and I made it up on the spot. Any advice in the form of comments is highly appreciated, not just disliking the story like a little kid.

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