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Jamie, you suck. · 2:25am Nov 3rd, 2012

Mischief in Equestria MAY come off hiatus for Jamie's entertainment. That's future ass-hat cat4's problem

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Equestria's Redemption...... · 5:46am Aug 22nd, 2012

The Last Apprentice: Equestria's Redemption is a long story. It more of a story by itself being that it's not MiE, which is just a screw around fic. It is a HiE story, so it's pointless unless it's different in any way. The way I salvage it is that it's a crossover. I will write more soon. It will consist of dozens of chapters, possibly hundreds. Unfortunately those chapters will be written at a slow pace for multiple reasons.

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New Story? · 11:00am Jun 21st, 2012

I enjoy writing the MiE story, and don't plan on ending that soon. I don't care about the ratings it gets, as long as I still like it, as I do. I don't give in to pandering, or cheap gimmicks

I do though, want to start a new story along with MiE. Unfortunately I have no idea what to write. If anyone has an idea that doesn't involve the words "clop" and "fic" then I would appreciate it greatly.

Also with the idea, should I use Cole as the main? or who else?

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