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just a idea i wanted to ask if people would like to see · 5:48pm February 11th

i have been thinking of a story based on the horror game called song of horror here the trailer for it and some gameplay you guys be the judge of this and after i finish the Unitology Project it may be my next story.

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the first chapter of my story is almost done. · 3:52pm January 30th

this is just to inform if anyone is interested in the story am making right now named 'The Unitology Project'. I've been working on it for a while and hope it will be a good first chapter of it. it is my first story so it will be rough around the edges, but i hope people will enjoy it none the less.

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does anyone else get there ideas for there story's from there dreams? · 3:24pm January 15th

it's a strange thing our dreams. a lot of it doesn't make sense but we still can get many ideas from it. though i tend to forget what has happen in my dreams til i start to write it down. i have many ideas from my dreams and with much of it written down, i can remember to a T. how about you guys, how do you all get your ideas?

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