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For years, the evil Pony Puffs (from Dexter's Laboratory), or just "the Puffs" for short, along with their (Pony) Puff Princess, have plotted to dominate Equestria and the entire world. Their latest invasion is a success. They have taken Canterlot Palace and locked the Princesses Celestia and Luna away. Only one magic in the universe can stop them... and Twilight Sparkle and the rest of her friends don't have it. It's the Rainbow of Light that once belonged to legendary human girl, Megan Williams - and both have been lost to legend and considered entirely irrelevant for thirty million Equestrian years. With the help of Lyra Heartstrings and her extensive knowledge of human society -which she eccentrically denies-, the Mane Six set out to venture into the Human Realm, find Megan and the Rainbow of Light, return to Equestria and destroy the Puff Princess once and for all. But time is not on their side, for the Puff Princess' master plan will soon be complete... and things aren't looking so good in the Human Realm either.

I originally wrote this story after having seen only the first handful of episode of Friendship is Magic between late 2011 and early 2012.

Note, this is not the original translation job I made of my own work back then -English isn't my first language, you see-. I have taken this chance to fix it up, big time, and change some names around. It will be marked as incomplete until I'm done.

Huge thanks go to Baron Engel https://www.deviantart.com/baron-engel for being one of my greatest sources of inspiration!

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