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The two Zeno Samas the kings of everything throughout the multiverse had announced that it was finally time for Beerus the God of Destruction to finally retire so that they can choose a new God of Destruction for Universe 7. Beerus has been called to Lord Zeno Sama's Palace in preparation for his "Honorable Exile". Beerus will be allowed to keep all of his powers but he will be sent to a pocket universe which holds the world of Equestria. Beerus makes a small request that Whis will accompany him and serve the purple cat in his retirement but unfortunately gets his request denied by the Past and Future Zeno deity. Whis needs to stay behind to find and train another candidate for the role of being the next "God of Destruction" of Universe 7. After a few words and goodbyes, Beerus gets sent by Zeno Sama to Equestria and in Canterlot of all places during the preparation for the first Friendship Festival.

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