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I have been writing Twirax stories since 2019.


Which would be the perfect gift? · 12:41pm April 18th

Hello my amazing followers! How are you all doing? And hey, I have a question if none of you all mind, that is, for my favourite ship known as Twirax, what of these two presents do you all think would be perfect for Thorax to give to Twilight?

Option A:
A large fluffy teddy bear

Option B:
A wrap of flowers

Place your votes in the comments section

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50 stories in the Twilight x Thorax group! · 12:21pm April 18th

The Twilight x Thorax group on Fimfiction has reached 50 stories! That is definitely a remarkable event to occur don't you all agree?

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My Twirax stories trivia · 12:18pm January 15th

Hello my amazing followers! How are you all doing? Everything going well? And hey, I have a trivia for you all if none of you mind. It will all be based on my Twirax stories, let's see if you could get them right.

Question 1)
Who is Thorax and Twilight Sparkle's son?
A) Glowy
B) Blue
C) Alistair
D) Lamp

Question 2)
How did Thorax get injured during Twilight's birthday?

A) He accidentally tripped over something
B) Pinkie accidentally dropped something on him

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An exciting announcement · 11:07am Dec 18th, 2020

Hello all of my wonderful followers on Fimfiction! How are you all? And hey, I have something exhilarating to announce to you all. And that is, I have reached up to 60 followers on my fimfiction account! I just want to say thank you for all of the support that you all have given me, and all of you are the most wonderful users I have ever met.

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30 stories in the Twilight x Thorax group · 10:44am Nov 20th, 2020

The Twilight x Thorax group on fimfiction has reached up to 30 stories! All thanks to some adroit story writing skills from many writers including myself.

Here's the link to the group

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My fimfiction experience · 10:38am Oct 19th, 2019

Hello everyone, I am Timothy1509 and this is my first time on fimfiction.

When I was in fimfiction I was thinking about how to write stories and I had many ideas in mind so I began writing.

At first I thought my stories were horrible but when I looked at the statistics of my stories I saw that many of you liked it, so I just want to say thank you all for supporting me.

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