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This story is a sequel to Daughter of the Night

Twilight must go on an adventure to reunite with her council. This proves difficult when they are stretched all over Equestria and Nightmare Moon has taken control and brought forth eternal night. They must wield the Elements to rid Twilight’s mother of Nightmare Moon.

Chapters (8)

After Celestia banished Nightmare Moon to the moon, the Elements put her daughter into a coma. She wakes up centuries later with little recollection to what happened. Everything goes down in the Summer Sun Celebration but will she be able to stop her mother’s madness?

Chapters (8)

Twilight finds herself falling head over hooves for her old foal hood friend. But she is a princess and he decided to become a guard. She doesn’t know how to break the news to Celestia and her friends. She is afraid that they’ll take him away.

Ps: the AU tag is there because I changed a bit the original story’s class structure and the way they interact, also Luna and Celestia do not retire and I bent the cannon magic system juuuust a tiny bit in order to add a truly happy ending.

Chapters (11)
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