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Where is the story · 8:58pm January 23rd

Hello my followers, I know that some you may be where is the story that I said that I'm doing and why I'm taking so long. Well, it's 2 things, first of I'm a slow writer, I don't write everyday, it's not that I don't like writing, but It's more because I'm lazy; The second thing is that I'm rewriting the 2 chapters that I already made, I felt that they were too rushed ( especially the second ) and were overall badly written, so I decided to make then from zero, right now, it's 50% for the first

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Plans for stories · 1:42am Dec 16th, 2019

Hello everyone, this post will be more of a reminder to myself than an update on the stories that I'm currently making, here I will put the general plans for stories that I am making and will make.

Stories in production:

Getting out of Hell: 3 demons try to escape from Hell, but Hell comes after then, crossover with Doom (2016).

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Intruducing the main demons of "Getting out of Hell" · 6:11pm Nov 9th, 2019

This blog will focus on the appearances of the main chars, their personalities will be showed on the comic, that, at the time of this blog post, is still not published.


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