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Hi, my name is Kclar, I am a youtuber that do not only fanfic readings but other things like that.

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  • 7 weeks
    Trying to get Foalcon stories ban

    I had made a petition to get these stories banned for an obvious reason.
    So it would be nice if you guys sign it, the reason i want foalcon ban from the site is because of what if these stories are written by Pedophiles like Toon and because of well, the Toon, Major Performance and Dusky novel incident.

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Want me to read your fanfictions?

You can request me to read your fanfiction stories on my youtube channel (same name as my profile).
Just be sure to follow my rules before private messaging me your stories.

1. No pedophilla/Foalcon (Sprarity included)
2. No clopfics, i will NOT read any clop stories.
3. Romantic fics allowed, as long it doesn't contain sex or foalcon.. i'm sorry but i'm not comfortable of reading such fics. I don't even know why fimfiction would allow foalcon on this site!
4. Do not get upset if i refuse to read your fanfictions.
5. Grimdarks and Darkfics are allowed!
6. Suggestive scenes are fine, as LONG as it's not too suggestive as hints of foalcon.. no foalCON!

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