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Hello. My name is Elizabeth Shannon Rose Smith, but I prefer you call me Elizabeth. I'm rich, I hope you acknowledge that, and I have a best friend named Sara, who's also rich. So I said to myself one day, 'Hey, why not change into a pony and do it when my parents are away so I don't get in trouble except when they come back and see me gone and a random pink filly in my place and worry and grief for me like crazy when they don't recognize me?' Sarcasm, let me remind you.

Yeah right.

Proofread by EchotheWolf, edited by ParaDox Derpy, etc.

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Sweetie Belle's never been through pain like her friends had to go through. She's never been suddenly abandoned, left in a pit of sorrow and misery, and left there forever. She's never been abused by her parents, or left friendless.

Never left lonely...

...until this sudden incident affects and changes Sweetie Belle's entire life.

Her role model abandoning her and leaving only an echo of what she was.

It's hard to lose someone close...

Proofread by Hankelln and BlueDragonIsAwesome!

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Pinkamena Diane Pie; Pinkie Pie remembered the name. Haunting her past and family name, she's always wanted a normal life as a filly. Now in Ponyville, she's got it all. And she does not want anything to ruin it.

But when Nightmare Moon comes back, she's forced to confess and face the truth. And who would have known that she wasn't alone...

If you have a better picture for this story (or you made one) I'd be happy to see it! If it really applies to the story's plot then I'll put it as the picture! :) Thanks!

EDIT: Proofreading by Mudkippower1!

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Scootaloo has it all: a job with the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash's friendship, her very own fans, and her own Cutie Mark.

But one night she starts having odd dreams that she finds confusing...dreams about her childhood. She doesn't know the meaning of all this...and the two ponies she had supposedly forgotten that have been a large part of her past.

Then she begins to realize the truth: Has she forgotten the two friends that made this all real?

This is my first fan fiction!

Inspired by Veggie55's comic, "Better Days"

Chapters (12)
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