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Hey there! (Long time no see.) · 2:01pm May 26th, 2014

Hey there! I've been pretty inactive here, and that's mostly because I started getting more into voice acting, animating, and some art. I'm thinking that I might start this up again, though -- what do you guys think?

I'm reading through my old stories. The writing makes me shudder for most of them, sorry for putting you people through that! Please, though, tell me which stories I should continue on, and which stories I should leave behind.

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OMG GOT ON EQD!! · 8:26pm Jan 22nd, 2013

Omg. Omg. Omg

EQD Post: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/01/game-derps-beginning-my-name-is-dinky.html
I made My Name is Dinky Hooves~

My Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/wisheslotus


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Happy New Year's and Harbinger · 8:55pm Jan 6th, 2013

Happy New Year's, everypony~! Hope everypony had a good holiday now that we've moved onto a new year.

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Deck the Halls with Lots of Ponies! · 11:42pm Dec 11th, 2012

As you know, I've recently published the story Today, Tomorrow, and Forever with the help of Cosmic_Guardian, my awesome proofreader for that story. Please check it out, I think it's pretty good so far (though I'm not forcing you)!

Give a hoof to my failed story Memories: Another Time which has received a number of 60 upvotes!

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Hi! Looking for a Good Proofreader for Unpublished Story! · 7:27pm Dec 2nd, 2012

Remember, Story Voting Time still open, for your voting convenience!

Concerning of my newest unpublished (yet) story Today, Tomorrow, and Forever, I'm looking for a good proofreader. This is the current summary that may or may not be changed:

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Ewo :3 · 2:07am Nov 24th, 2012

Hello everypony! Please make sure to check my other blog post, for Story Voting Time cuz I really need feedback!

Also, maybe to disappointment, I'm starting to like Littlest Pet Shop. It's probably not the new My Little Pony but still...

Okay, <3 to all the people who read this! I wuv you watchers, favoriters (is that a word?), etc.

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Hello! Story Voting Time! · 1:28am Nov 18th, 2012

Hi, this is me, Wishes (a.k.a. (previous account) Pinkie) and here's Story Voting Time kiddies!

I was looking at my friend CountDerpy's blog post and I decided I'm in that same problem too, to choose which story to write. So, here you go, here's the stories:

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A Cake For Me... · 1:19am Nov 13th, 2012

Season 3...I can't wait for the entire thing, and its entire finale too, I'm sure it's epic.

Okay, wrong way to start one of my blog posts...

Yesterday I had cake. I went to bed, woke up, had cake today. (Well okay maybe I didn't have cake, but...)

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Ponies and Ponies and Ponies and Ponies... · 11:49pm Sep 9th, 2012

Hello! Pinkie here, again. Shortened my name for more convenient use, and well, you know, the usual. Went to Dollar Tree to get Pony Calenders for 2013, the upcoming year, and then went on an epic pony toy shopping spree. Only that I was allowed to buy only four pony related stuff besides the six trading cards bought and the pony calenders. I got three pony trading card packs, three packs for my sister. And my sister got two plush pony miniature figures and one of the pony calenders. Dollar

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...I guess I'm being a little lazy · 9:21pm Aug 27th, 2012

Sorry I've been avoiding updating my fanfictions. I've been busy with everything else, so feel free to yell at me and know that I'm sorry. But I'll admit, I won't take your rants seriously.


1. Pinkie Pie (still)
2. Princess Luna, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy (also still)
3. The CMC
4. Twilight Sparkle
5. Princess Cadence
6. Queen Chrysalis
7. Rarity
8. Cloud Kicker
9. Applejack


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