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I've been a fan of My Little Pony, longer then I have been on FIMFiction!

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Rarity decided it will be a good idea for Kelty to go on a date. But Kelty doesn’t want to because of the fact that it’s un-logic for a computer to go on dates anyway. Witch is true but hey-it could happen!

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A killer cyber pony wants everyone to see what it’s like for her living in the internet...all alone...and sad. But not EVEYPONY has access to the internet. And here they all are.

Derpy: Because she just ‘ain’t interested.

Lyra: Because she never had a computer to begin with.

Bon Bon: ‘Cause her Wi-Fi is broken for the day.

So these ponies are gonna try to save Kelty and their friends!

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How long can you get away with killing? a rather long time in Evil Pinkamena Dian Pie’s standers. But not for ever. Evil Pinkie got caught by Twilight when she realized that everypony in Ponyville is gone including Gilda. (Yah I am including Gilda)
What happens next is for you to read! ;)

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