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“Stay Positive”

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  • Today
    This is so me!

    I found this on Pinterest!

    Stay Positive:raritywink:


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  • Wednesday
    Why is the French language so bloody confusing?

    I have a big problem with the French translation of Creepypasta.

    So in French Creepy means Effrayant right? And Pasta means Pâtes.

    So what is it Les Pâtes Effrayant?? It's stupid.:facehoof:

    Unless...its the same thing?:rainbowhuh:

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  • Tuesday
    This is just sad

    Ok so for some reason everyone (If you like the song then don't worry I 'aint talking about you) is hating on the Pony Life theme song. Well its just odd because seriously I would be better without the song being... lets just say...LIES LIES LIES - Minerstry being the theme song I mean that is not something I would want my 6 year old singing to (I dont have a child I am just giving an example.) I would much better hear him singing to Good as Hell.

    Well thats my reason anyway.

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  • Tuesday
    Who wants my to blog my 3 un-logical stories?

    I plan on putting my 3 most un-logic stories (that have nothing what so ever to do with MLP) in my blog.

    What do you think?



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  • Sunday
    My sister is not respecting my opining.

    Ok I love my sister as much as I love My Little Pony but there are times when she can get extremely annoying.

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Uni-Fi's Biography

I just realized that I needed a bio or I would die. So here it is!
Gender: Female

Country: Canada. (So if you want to find me for some reason you'll have to search ALL through Canada!)

Age: 14

Dislikes: Racism, Bullies, Not understanding things, Insultes, Hackers, People who are mean or abusive to other human beings, animals, etc.

Likes: My Little Pony, WarriorCats, Star Wars, Haziben Hotel, Harry Potter, Friendship, Magic, Unikitty, Reading, Writing, Computers, Digital Art, Art, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Butterflies, (Any animal really), Cat Game-The Cat Collecter, etc.

Best Ponies: Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie.

Best Princess: Celestia and Luna.

Best Villains: Daybreaker, Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon.

Best Reformed Villains: Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and Discord.

Strange Facts: I like to randomly search words and thing that I ether I don't understand very well. I don't take insultes the same way so you have no idea witch ways you are dealing with.

Second Language: French.

Social Media Sites: Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.ca/klarity142/, FANDOM: https://ponylife.fandom.com/wiki/User:ICarly13

Stay Positive!:raritywink:


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This is so me! · 5:14am 10 hours ago

I found this on Pinterest!

Stay Positive:raritywink:


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Read it.

BTW Thanks for the follow :raritywink:

Please go to this blog post Where's the Randomness in Nothing? It's about your group.

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