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Everyone has a dark side, but some of us decide to hide it.


Day 25: Favourite Fan Theory · 4:59pm Yesterday

The Celestia theory

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  • Sunday
    Day 25: Favourite Fan Theory

    The Celestia theory

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  • Saturday
    What do you guys think?

    What do you think of CyberKitty and Maddie.




    (If your wondering, Maddie is older than CyberKitty because CyberKitty is 14 and Maddie is 35.)

    These where both made with Gacha Life. Tell me in the comments what you think?

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  • Saturday
    Day 24: Favourite Outfit

    I really don't have one!

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  • Friday
    I had a long convo with myself

    I PMd myself. Mainly because I was bored, and I like talking to myself.:twilightblush:

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thanks for the follow

Thank you for favoring my story. Also, glad to see a new face:heart:. Also Also, love the bio pic.

Slice of Life, Alt Universe, Dark and Comedy.

What is your favorite genra of story?

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