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    The Great War(1914-1918)

    Y'know, I should've posted this closer to the Beginning of the day, considering, Y'know, this would be the start of the conflict. One of the Largest damn conflicts the World ever faced, World War One. Damn shame the Film Industry got greedy with the Concept and made a sequel. Wasn't as fun as the first, and it felt like they tried to make it far more Edgy with that Hitler Guy. Should've just had that first one, after all, It gave us the Birth of the Tank, the start of some new Military

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    Battle of Britian, (July 10 - 31 october 1940)

    Today was the date of the start of a rather large Offensive by Germany's previous Airforce, the Luftwaffe, onto Britain. It was one of the rather larger Battles that were near the beginning of the Second World War...y'know, World War except for Mexico, as they were dealing with a civil war, which conveniently enough, allowed the Condor Legion to test new tactics with new Aircraft, and led to nearly all bombers within Nazi Germany to be Dive Bombers.

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    Thank you Taker. (1990-2020)

    You were good. Damn good. Thank you for 30 years of entertainment and entertaining matches and countless Tombstone Piledrivers.

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