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Mark Davidson was cosplaying as Hitler at Holocon when he is suddenly thrust into a magical world of talking horses with the entire military might of the Wehrmacht behind him.

A request from The Parasprite.

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Equestria is failing, once a place that was considered perfect even by her rivals; now a shattered federation governed by a corrupted bureaucracy and a struggling monarchy. Twilight now sits besides two empty thrones, their owners haven completely vanished without a trace. With an ever-looming threat from the east and a viscous plague adsorbing the land. Although there is one last spell in her majesty's library that remains untested... It's the Kingdom's last hope, for better or worse.

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Earth's only sapient walrus is magically teleported to Equestria when he gets run over by a car and one of Twilight's spells goes wrong. A mediocre story ensues.



downvoted because the ponies didn't want to have sex with him as soon as they laid eyes upon him.
fucking unrealistic :facehoof:

- Fugly Duckling

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