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Rainbow Dash loves flying, and wonders if she can go faster. She tries to fly faster than ever before. Once a storm starts brewing below her, she decides it's time to stop and head back, but wait... where is she? She flies through the clouds, hoping to get a better guess as to where she is, until she finds herself stuck, in a place nopony wants to stay long.

Amazing help from Reece and Fantasia!

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The incident that changed her life may have just been something simple, but simplicity can lead to something far more complex in the long run. Rainbow gets badly injured and loses her voice... permanently.

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Twilight, as the new princess of Equestria, has to head off to the Crystal Empire when she receives a letter. After hearing about this on such short notice, Twilight cancels all of her plans for the next couple weeks for this important event, even the sleepover Rainbow Dash had asked her to go to. What Twilight didn't know was that she would be gone longer than she expected. What will Rainbow Dash do during this time? What will Twilight do during this time?

Help from Fantasia!

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