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At the end of the clone wars, Grievous is killed, not long after the battle of Coruscant. The force, however, isn’t satisfied with this ending.

Grievous once had a lover, before he lost his body and she was killed in war. He fought for his kind and people against unjust invaders.
Grievous has had a hard life, being broken in mind, body, and spirit, twisted and manipulated by the Sith to become a tool, a monster. Becoming like the Sith, like Anakin and Dooku, to be consumed, a cold, heartless, unfeeling work of destruction. But just like Dooku, and other Jedi that fell like Anakin, there was good, honor, and a heart in him at one time, before the war, before the Sith found him, and used him in their own clone war. If anyone can help redeem such a villain, it's our little ponies.

After a mysterious set of events, Grievous and his ship, The Invisible Hand, go through the hyperspace anomaly at the edge of the galaxy and end up in Equestria. Follow Grievous as he discovers the will of the force concerning Equestria and figures out how and why he is in such a bizarre, strange world filled with color, love, hope, friendship, and magic. Will our little ponies be able to help him or will he seek to continue on his dark path of death and destruction?

A mlp/SW story. A story in which I try to be as unique and well written as possible, and with your help, hope to make this fic highly enjoyable to y’all. Takes place around season 9. Of course, their will be minor deviations.

Currently writing chapter 6. Will update which chapter it is as I work so all who come across the story will know for sure that it is not abandoned regardless of days since the previous chapter was published.

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