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Blue AuronX

Hi, i'm Snow Blast Author Of Fallout Equestria Lone Wolf And Soldiers Of The Wasteland. I enjoy Video Games,Meme's ,Pony Stuff,Explosions, Guns,Anime And A Whole Lot More:).


Soldiers Of The Wasteland Book 1 The New Recruit (Official Cover Art) · 4:53pm Sep 9th, 2019

Hi been a while since i posted and i'm pretty happy i paid a new artist named jedaySkayVoker who i just met to do my artwork for the first book and wow the end result is perfect i really like how this turned out hopefully everyone enjoys the book once its done.:rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

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Fallout Equestria: Soldiers Of The Wasteland Book 1 The New Recruit Progress Report · 2:43pm Aug 28th, 2019

Hello everybody well i'm on track with the progress for this story nearing the end of the prologue if i have used enough detail with this introduction then i should probably continue that way for the rest of the book you can follow me on here and fanfic.net under the same account name hopefully the final result is what everyone wants and i'll continue to post update's the further along i get with the book thank you all and i appreciate the people that go out of their way to read my stuff even

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