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No Internet. · 3:45pm Mar 25th, 2017

Hey guys, wanted to let you know I'm fine (and continuing to write SB on the side) but have no internet. The one service provider for the area I just moved to is full on bandwidth and cannot provide service to me. I might provide updates by uploading via public library computers or something, but for now it's a problem. Thanks for bearing with me.

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Well then, I'm happy that it will be finished at the very least, and a big release of the rest of the story won't upset me any xD

And I understand being busy but I still hold out hope for you to be able to get it done and out there as soon as you can! :D it's been an amazing story so far and can't wait to see the progression of their situation and especially their feelings ;)

Oh boy, sorry I missed this way before. Short answer is I'm not updating individual chapters anymore. I couldn't maintain a steady stream. I'm still working on it, but I plan on just doing everything else and releasing it completely at the same time so that people don't get continue to get discouraged by it repeatedly "dying". Best I can do at this point. Stuff has gotten pretty crazy, but things are settling down now and I feel I may be able to continue more easily now.

Hello there! I love Strange Bedfellows! And I have to ask....are you still working on it!???? It's such an amazing tale and I would love to see it finished! :heart:

Afternoon, our lost soul from this Fandom. I'm pretty sure you'd like to pop over at some point, riiiight? :pinkiecrazy:

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