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Hey there!

Following the advice of a friend, I wanted to lead this bio with telling a bit about myself. Mostly so you have a mental image to go with that story you just read, but also to give you an impression of what’s about to come ;)

I started writing some years ago, starting off with comedy and adventure. Stuff I’m sure you’ve seen at least a dozen times. It was nice, but as you can easily guess, didn’t remain my focus genre for long.

Switching to romance had been the long-awaited breakthrough. It not only proved to be my forte, but also the first step in a direction I pursued until today. See, I went along with it for a while, but eventually I noticed the sweet potential that was hidden deep inside any well-written romance story.

Just like a casual date leading to a hot one-night stand, it turns out my passion was the hot stuff. The juicy bits which, let’s be honest here, everyone wants to get to in the story.

It’s the sex. The porn. The fucking. Call it as you like, I don’t judge. But every good romance story is essentially nothing more than the build-up to a single scene of heavily censored intimacy.

Yet, why waste precious time with a hundred-page build-up, I ask you? There is so much to explore, so many facets to the emotional and physical intimacy of two (or more ;) ) creatures, I see little use in putting the focus on anything but that.

This isn’t my first time making a public submission, but the first time I’ll publish stuff on my profile. From now on you can find all my works on this page, including the occasional blog post where I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress.

I’m Night Owl, and I hope you’ll enjoy my work. Bonus if I get you to jerk off :P

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