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This is it. The end of the road. Has been an amazing journey.

Where to find me once I am gone

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Every time this gets posted, I miss Alex a little more.

At least D is still around.

I've never watched even ten consecutive seconds of an F1 race, and this whole fiasco has made me want to buy a Verstappen hat or t-shirt or something, just for the memes.

RIP. Also:


This one? :moustache:


He literally threatened to burn down my house with my family in it... because I like a different sports team than him. So yeah, him finally getting banned:

Yeah, I’m gonna say this. I could care less if he’s gone or not at this point. Couple years back we were good friends and were part of that friend group with Wrex and some others and all that and he was one of my favorite friends on the site back then.

During the whole “self-harm end life stuff” I gave some supportive comments. I’m pretty sure one of the last things I ever said (as far as I remember) was something either nice or supportive or at least an on-good-terms thing. I was never under any fire from him or threatened or anything. He never even responded to me, which was fine, so I nothing really fell apart.

I wake up this morning to find he put one of my stories in two of those libraries he made (maybe out of bitterness?) that are meant to have stories he found dumb or disliked and all that (the “solitary containment” and “asking for a fiend” libraries). I didn’t care about our friendship like I used to before then, but it still sucked to see, and considering we didn’t argue or anything and I didn’t do anything, it felt like a super dick move 😐. And of course it’s a dick move in general even without former friends involved since most to all of those stories, well-received or not, were most likely there since he didn’t like the subject and not for any actual good constructive reason. I doubt even having “I hate these stories” libraries are ethical. Now, he’s allowed to dislike stories or concepts, even stuff from his own friends/former friends, but putting stuff in libraries he made strictly for stories he dislikes simply because of the harmless concepts that they covered feels a bit too much (especially if he just sees it and puts it there without reading it).

So yeah, I didn’t entirely miss him before, I definitely won’t miss him now.🤷

Eldorado #980 · Monday · · ·

I really can't justify another temporary ban here. He's gone after these people like 3-4 times since I told him that he was getting permanently banned if he ever did it again, and each time I found some kind of excuse to not follow through. It's not fair to the people he keeps harassing to keep going easy on him.

Is he permabanned now, or is this temporary?

Eldorado #978 · Sunday · · 1 ·

So you're back to pointless personal attacks over F1, and now maliciously adding stories to bookshelves to annoy people who've blocked you. And, hilariously, in trying to reconstruct the deleted thread I've found a comment where you're asking people to contact other people who've blocked you (itself against the rules because you've been blocked; not contacting them is the whole point), ostensibly to apologize for what you recognize is shitty behavior. Which you're still actively engaging in.

Make it make sense. I told you I'd permaban you if you kept starting shit in the F1 group. Gonna need you to talk me out of following through on that promise.

I'll be waiting for when you want to talk again.

I understand, but it's not healthy beating yourself up on it. Take it from someone who has done it regularly

I know you have forgiven me. I am well aware of that.

I just cannot forgive myself.

Pulse, your my best friend. Sure, I was hurt by what you said, but you apologize for it. I want us to rebuild our friendship.

Glad to see your doing better

Been doing okay, I guess.

I came by to see how your doing

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