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Never more has the zeppelin been important in the world of Equestria since the construction of the very first Safety generation of airships. Usually, the mighty train would be able to take over all forms of transport. But with the development of the safer helium gas on the rise, the airship began to dominate the skies. Mountains, rivers and oceans are no match for those golly giants of the skies.

But with modern air shipping comes modern air piracy. Not since the days of Hoofbeard have pirates so cursed the world of Equestria. Raiding the skies for loot, cargo and even the occasional kiddnapping. These scourges of the skies consistently wage an ongoing battle with the nations of Equestria and many private security companies.

But while many gangs of pirates have been as bloodthirsty as a vampire, there is one such pirate gang that breaks the common tropes surrounding their kind. For they always protect the weak, only steal from the rich and will only fight if their lives are in danger. They are... the Stacked Deck pirates.

Stick around and followed the Stacked Deck on their adventures!

This story is a crossover with the swashbuckling sky pirate flight games known as Crimson Skies and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

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All across the country, gangs of street racers are popping up all over, claiming they have the fastest street race cars in the country. One such group is the 405 out of Oklahoma City, headed by their leader, Big Chief. They've gotten so much attention, they have a TV show called Street Outlaws and it quickly becomes the #1 show on TV.

At their first slumber party after graduating from Canterlot High, Sunset Shimmer and her friends sit down to watch another episode of the hit show, when an idea arises: If those guys could do it, why couldn't they?

This is my first go at a story based in the Equestria Girls universe. Rated Teen for language

This story was originally written by The Wasteland Brony. He cancelled this story and I adopted it (with his permission), so I can continue his story.

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Years after his defeat and humiliation at the hooves of Applejack and Fluttershy in Las Pegasus, Gladmane has returned. Claiming that he has learnt his lesson and now working for the good of the Equestrian ponies, he recently formed his own company and built a massive laser tower that he claimed would be used to protect the countries of Equestria from cruise missiles and bombers.

Little did the nations know, was that Gladmane was building the tower just to use it to destroy the nations of the world and unite the species of the land under his company. However, Gladmane thought that his plan was flawless. Little did he know was that a group of three unlikely friends was already onto him.

It is these three friends that must race against time in order to stop Gladmane and save Equestria from destruction!



This story is a crossover with the legendary Time Crisis arcade series. The main premisis of the story is inspired by Time Crisis II, but this game will feature moments inspired by the other Time Crisis games and other games series.

Akula is owned by me.
Viral Velocity is owned by RDgamer321
Danger Dean is owned by DangerDean

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This story is a sequel to Burnout Equestrian Paradise

It was considered the greatest day in Equestrian history. And the greatest day for species-equality. This was the day where Queen Chrysalis was taken off the throne, and a newer, more peaceful regime under the rule of King Thorax. Although, Chrysalis had fled the scene and escaped, the rest of the hive rebelled against her and joined the side of the new King.

Except for one.

A single changeling, one that the rest of the hive, even the Princesses themselves, feared. A changeling that was loyal to his Queen to a fault. And his name...

...was Akula. And this, is his version of the story.

Now has an audio reading, by Melody Song!

This one-shot story is a bit of a backstory for my character, Akula and takes place after the climax of To Where And Back Again - Part 2.

Also, to those who have read my Burnout Equestrian Paradise story and the chapter where Akula tells the others about his backstory, think of this story as a prequel.


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A brony, while driving home from his work, discovers something he shouldn't have. A Changeling Hive in the middle of the outback. And while approaching the unlikely location, he is spotted and knocked out...

...where he is brought before the hooves of Queen Chrysalis. Surprisingly, he is given a offer; join her hive in the conquest of the world, starting with Australia.

Now join Chrysalis, her loyal lover and her newest minion as they try (or, at least, attempt to) take over Queensland - with their eventual goal of world domination!

This story is inspired by, and is set in the same universe as, Chythar's Hoof and Claw Versus the World. I have his consent on this, so I'm in the clear from plagiarizing accusation. I recommend that you first read that story first.

Cover image by SleepyDemonMonster

Enjoy, and all hail Queen Chrysalis!

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