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The Demon Lord of the Changelings, Lover of Queen Chrysalis, Protector of Chrysalis' Hive, Co-Founder of Akula-Lauda Racing

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  • 6 weeks
    Bungie is dead to me.

    Just what the title says. Bungie is dead to me.

    And fuck you, Destiny. I never liked that series in the first place.

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  • 11 weeks
    Me when someone says Valhalla

    You said Valhalla.

    *Sprays mouth with chrome paint*

    WITNESS ME!!!!

    If you get this reference... I like you a lot.

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  • 12 weeks
    Fury Road

    Hello, all my loyal hive members! Akula966 is back again with another blog. And I need your help.

    Recently, I have been on a binge of Mad Max: Fury Road content. And now, I am going to do a crossover of the story involving my and a few friends OCs. But they're not enough.

    I need your help. If anyone has an OC that would like to make an appearance in this Mad Max crossover story I am planning, please leave their details below in this format:

    OC Name

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  • 17 weeks
    Akula 🎵

    Original Song: Karma - The Black Eyed Peas

    Yeah, yeah
    Watch out

    Ain't no running from
    Akula, and no running
    Ain't no running from
    Akula, and no running
    Ain't no running from
    Akula and no running
    Ain't no running from
    Akula, and no running

    [Danger Dean]
    He's the caboose of the wrong doings you produce
    The wild tail of the hurricane running loose
    You tie the noose, he kicks the chair

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  • 20 weeks
    They Turned Up Again - A Josh Revell Fictional Concept

    This Josh Revell concept video is merely a work of fiction, between me and RDgamer321 for our F1/NASCAR/V8 Supercars universe.

    So shortly after I finished my F1 2021 Driver ratings, the information dropped that Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi were going to be resigned in the light of the sudden absence of Viral Velocity and Akula following the events that took place at Abu Dhabi.

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About me... (In general)

Hello, I am Akula966. You may call me Akula or Demon Lord. Most of you may recognise me as the writer of Burnout Equestrian Paradise along with other works, such as F1 Equestria: Duels of the Century. Or maybe you know about me for info you were given by some of my friends on this site (RDgamer321, DangerDean, Darth Wrex, etc.).

Here are a few things that I can tell you about me. I have the type of autism that is known as Asperger's Syndrome. This means that my brain is wired differently to most people, as well as many other changes about my mental state. I do NOT follow any form of religion (Catholicism, Buddhism, Hindu, etc.) as I believe that religion is not worthy of my time and that many religious beliefs are not right in my mind, EXCEPT FOR basic morals, courtesy and other equality beliefs. However, this doesn't mean that I don't like some bits of religion. There ARE some bits of religion that I find compelling or interesting. What I mean is that despite how much I hate religion, there are some cool things about it (like the names of some religious places and creatures, e.g. Garden of Eden, etc.)

And in case you don't know my character (Akula), I do kinda have a physical attraction to Queen Chrysalis (even though she is not real).

And yeah, I do have a Russian bias. Despite being an Australian.

If you clicked onto this page because you were curious, then feel free to take a look at my writing, my blogs, leave a comment for a chat with me or just stick around in general.

Enjoy your day/night, no matter where you live in the world and may Chrysalis' Light bless you.

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I've got an even better idea: I'm currently thinking about making a video about the story as a reading

I can't guarantee to write more so I think that it might be a one hit wonder. With that story I want to tell the world about the discrimination issues in the world. It's still way too much. Each person has the same rights. If I was the German Counselor, I would adjust the Salary the way the Men and Women would be paid Equally, maybe the Women 5% more then Men because some Women have kids and that 5% more is specific for those Women who have children. There won't be any further increasement of Salary if the amount of Children a Women has increases, except they're on their own. It would be increased up to 10% compared to that what Men earn. And I say that as a Male

It's even better!!!

I might actually publish it!!! It all depends on the Publisher now. It's a 4 page long story and idk if it's even published. Plus it's written in German

I have seen a gap in my financial life because I don't have a job yet. With that short story, I want to earn some money by myself. I think the price will be 5 euros because a part of the funds will be donated for education. I think that part of the funds will go the the Ayrton Senna Institute (it supports education)

Also, I've written it by not using the computer. I've written it on paper.

The name of the Story is "Tale of a Brony"

And yes, you'll find out my real name xD

A good story has always it's author in the headline. (that only goes for these stories that are supposed to be on the market)

Correct me if I was wrong with something please. I've got the idea writing "Tale of a Brony" thanks to Fimfiction

Oooooo, that sounds very cool. Hey, if you do write it, can you send me a copy?

Akula, I swear on God I might have found a job and the idea came in my head because of Fimfiction. I'll go ahead and write a book about the Brony Community!!!!

If I hadn't think about it, I would still think about a job. Of course I'm going to earn money with that book.

It will take a lot of time and effort but I think I can do that. It's very easy and I think maybe it's something good for you too once you're looking for a job. It's not that hard, unless you run out of ideas...

It just came into my mind so...

I hope it gets into mass production so the book gets successful.

Good thing that I'm pretty creative with that whole writing stuff.

Anyways, next week I have a school reunion with my former school and another week later, I'll race on the 100 meters again. This time, I won't mess my start up!!! (this is why I always finished last, except for one race. My opponent ran out of gas and I got him just before the finish line)

The book will include: how I became a Brony and what it's like to be a Brony

Oooooo, you have my interest

Well, because 2 of my changeling OCs want to meet you

the first one is a young changeling nymph which likes to meet new friends and to bring happiness to them

and the second one is a changeling Prince called Exodio, which would rather be on Chrysalis side with his hive against the ponies than to be reformed

Huh... Why do you ask?

Hello, do you like hugs or nose booping :pinkiehappy:

or do you prefer a alliance with another (evil) changeling ruler more? 😈

Best part was no Robotizer

You think Amy and the others are coming

Sweet. Can't wait for the third one and the Spin-off

You legend. I've already seen it.

Good to hear. I went to see Sonic 2

Ah, not bad. Not bad.

How are you doing, buddy?

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