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Back into the swing of things · 11:13am Apr 18th, 2017

Hi friends!
It's been a while, but I just can't get My Unexpected Gift off the ol' noggin! I know I everyone thinks the story is dead at this point, but it's not. This summer, every day I am setting 3-4 hours to work on this story and I am setting at least two hours every night until dead week to edit this story. I know I am not the fastest to get things out, but I will try to edit one chapter every night and get one chapter out a week over the summer. Rainbow will be a mother dammit!


Hi · 4:52am Jan 3rd, 2017

It's been a while. I have been up to a lot since we last spoke.

I have found my calling in life. I am double majoring in software engineering and graphic design at my school, Iowa State University. I am doing very well and will most likely join the honors program in the fall. I hope to someday work for Disney, Pixar or Laika studios. I absolutely love animation and I've decided that I wish to pursue a career as either a software developer or an animator.

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Hello again! · 12:58pm Apr 29th, 2016

It's been a while, hasn't it? I honestly am unsure of what to say. I guess I should just stick it to my usual formalities.

Thank you, you big lug nuts!

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Time to get back in the writing game · 5:45pm Dec 24th, 2015

I just reread My Unexpected Gift. I feel appalled at something I viewed as my ultimate (incomplete) masterpiece. As of today, December 24th, 2015, My Unexpected Gift is in the process of being rewritten. I'm sorry that you loyal readers even saw this mess. I'll try to have it done by Valentine's Day, but who knows if that'll happen.

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Crusaders of the Lost Mark · 8:20pm Oct 17th, 2015

I just caught up to "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" and have not stopped shrieking with absolute glee since! This was epic! I feel like I've been waiting years for this, mainly because I have. I am so happy with how they got them, too. The writers totally did them right! Now to watch it again!


What do we call the shipping of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia? · 10:23pm Oct 11th, 2015

Seriously, I have no idea. I know, of course, that Soarin' and Applejack create my favorite pairing of SoarinJack and the first my little pony fanfic that I ever read was part of a AppleDash series. I know the name of many more obscure shippings as well, such as TwiFire, RariDoo and LunaMac, but I don't know the name of one of the most unchallenged* ships our fandom has to offer! It's like not knowing that Rainbow Dash is the victim in Cupcakes!

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Deciding on a major... · 9:26pm Oct 9th, 2015

It's like a cutie mark. How do you know till you find it? I've honestly never felt more sympathetic to the cutie mark crusaders, the last one even more so than the two who get theirs first. My two best friends are going into vocal music and neuroscience. I'm the only one left.

I have many majors I'm looking at, but these are my top 3 with explanations.
1. Engineering (general): I love solving problems. Just as simple as that.

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Baja Blast · 8:30am Jun 30th, 2015

No, that is not the name of some oc I'm going to use.

It's a flavor of Mountain Dew, and I don't particularly like it. It's lime flavored. :pinkiesick:

Just wanted to say something 'bout it is all.

Not going to stop drinking it. Probably should. I dunno.

I'm talking random whatever random gibberish comes to mind.

I should probably get to sleep.

See you guys later.


Hello!!! · 4:56am Jun 10th, 2015

I'm gonna be in a serious tizzy of real life soon, in bed for anywhere from one to three weeks. In order to keep my mind off the pain and the absolute boredom, I will write, maybe even work on a pony story or two.


"It's Been So Long" · 5:25pm Jun 4th, 2015

While I was away from ponies, I had a few brief affairs with other fandoms, the most notable being DC comics (mainly the Flash (2014 tv show) and the Teen Titans (2003 cartoon)), Sonic the Hedgehog (pre BOOM), and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Now, of course, I drew some parallels from the former two, the Flash having the speed and loyalty of RD, the Titans having the bonds of friendship saving the world, and Sonic displaying both.

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